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Whether you are running on a rig (used on dryland) or a sled in the snow, here you can find all our equipment for large sled teams. If you are just starting out, you can purchase small sets of ganglines or if you are increasing your team, you can simply add another team section to your gangline. To get started on a rig or sled you will generally need:

- A gangline to suit your teams size. We manufacturing line from 1 up to 6 dogs, but you can keep adding team sections to your line to increase your team by sets of 2. A shockabsorber, a carabiner and necklines for your lead dogs.

- X-back harnesses. We do a range a made to measure x-back harnesses to suit all different shapes and sizes. We do a general recreational harness up to a foam padded harness suitable for long distances.

If you'd like to get into mushing - we would recommend you attend a local rally to meet other mushers and learn more. Also - you need to make sure that where you're training is suitable as some places require a permit in order to mush. If you have any questions, please message - we are more than happy to help.

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